Rock On - Herlof sharing in the big world of music.

Blue Moon Rising at Blizzard Bluegrass


Herlof was introduced to a whole new side of music at a fun bluegrass concert weekend held at Bismarck State College. A number of sponsors are involved in the event including the Bluegrass Association of ND.  Performances were held by local groups, Little Bluestems and Cotton Wood. The headliner was Blue Moon Rising from East Tennessee. The best part of the weekend was that a free bluegrass workshop was hosted by Blue Moon Rising and students were invited on stage to join in a song. A little different taste from Herlof's typical rock & roll!  Video Link. 1/2020.

Christmas Magic


The Magical Medora Christmas show was making its tour around the region. Herlof's family was happy to catch the inspiring show. A night filled with vocal harmonies, guitars, banjos, and pianos is right up Herlof's alley. Not to mention his favorite - comedic entertainment from Bill Sorensen! Having a taste of Medora brought out to towns across the state is a great Christmas gift. And as a bonus, one of the guitar players gave his pick to Herlof! 12/2019.

Extra Extra!


Spreading the gift of music through print. Herlof had special house guests, Ann Bailey and Eric Hylden, from the Grand Forks Herald visit him. Together with his family they spent some time talking about music and even playing a few songs. What a fun way to contribute to the music world. Hopefully his article will inspire the love of music in the region. When asked what his favorite part of the interview was Herlof quickly said, "having all the pictures taken while I was playing!"  :) 10/2019.

Patch on the Point


Friends of Herlof's host a pumpkin patch in East Grand Forks at Point Paradise Stables. For military appreciation night the Patch gave free admission to all military members. They also had live music provided by a cool and talented musician, Chris Johnson. Herlof sang the National Anthem for the event and following it Chris let Herlof share his stage for a few songs. It was fun for the little guy to rock on his guitar between pumpkin picking and games! Thanks for including Herlof in the event! Video Link. 9/2019.

Rockin' The Forks


One more street dance before winter comes! Grand Forks hosted a music event downtown which included 'Kenny and the Classics'. Once again, the band shared their stage and offered Herlof another cool experience.  He enjoyed playing a couple of his rock and roll hits with the guys. High fives all around for sharing the gift of music! 9/2019.

Jumping In With The Band


Herlof found his favorite band performing in Grand Forks. 'Kenny And The Classics' are always willing to invite Herlof up to share a number or two. And Herlof is always ready to join in! Thanks! Video Link. 9/2019

Frost Fire Summer Theater


 Frost Fire Summer Theater put on an excellent Doo-Wop musical this year called "Life Could Be A Dream." Herlof had a front row seat and enjoyed the singing and dancing. He fully enjoys theater arts - laughing when it's funny and crying when it's sad.  This show was particularly inspiring for Herlof because it had a cast with a group of talented young men who like music just like him. They even took time for a fun picture with Herlof afterwards! 7/2019.

Art In The Park


Herlof was happy to be included in an Art In The Park event hosted by a local small town. Local talent was invited to share music for a crowd enjoying  the summer evening on the grass. This was followed by an outstanding performance by The Downtown Horns, a unique band from Grand Forks. Between performing and dancing, Herlof was in his element the whole evening! It was a great opportunity to enjoy art. Video Link. 7/2019. 

Kenny and the Classics


Herlof was happy to see one of his favorite bands, Kenny and the Classics, playing outside on a perfect summer evening. He was even more happy to be invited to join in on a few numbers. Thanks guys! 7/2019

Johnny Holm Past Bed Time


With good timing and nice people, Herlof found his way up on stage with the Johnny Holm Band. They invited him to play a song on his little guitar. He finally had an appropriate place to rock out with his favorite Eric Church number. And Herlof thought it was pretty fun to have a whole group of people cheering along. Video Link. 6/2019

Student Jam Session


Kenny's Music is where Herlof receives guitar lessons from his teacher, Heidi. Each year the music shop hosts a Student Jam Session where students of all ages have the opportunity to perform on a stage along with a full band and in front of an audience. It's a fun experience for everyone! This year Herlof performed Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. Video Link. 6/2019.

Big Music in Small Towns


Small town North Dakota was treated to some great music. A coffee shop filled with people and a variety of instruments and vocals. The talent was wonderful to listen to. 6/2019

The Chief


Not every 5 year old gets to experience a rock concert like this! Herlof was extremely excited to see his favorite artist, Eric Church, perform live in Minneapolis. He rocked out for sure....until he fell asleep for the majority of the show!  Video Link. 2/2019

Army Band


The North Dakota Army Band was on tour visiting schools across the state to promote music and military passion. They visited Herlof's school and although the Kindergarten class was not included in the event, Herlof didn't miss the chance to meet up with the band after the show. The guitar player was nice enough to pull his instrument back out and let Herlof show him a few things. A good experience for Herlof on many levels. 1/2019.